Passion Comes from Within

A culinary journey founded on passion, driven by perfection

Many years ago, Sanjay Vazirani, an alumnus of the prestigious Cornell Nanyang Institute of Hospitality Management, Singapore, dreamed of creating a brand that would redefine the concept of fine dining in India, A brand that would epitomise the best of world cuisine and match it with the highest standards of service. Fifteen years ago, his dream saw fruition with the establishment of Foodlink.

With an initial focus on small scale events, in and around Mumbai, Foodlink quickly established a reputation of high quality dining and powered by a growing demand from an appreciative audience, it grew to become one of the country’s premier hospitality brands.

Mumbai-based & operated, we have acquired an unparalleled knowledge of the hospitality business managing major events, weddings, special events, retail & commercial outlets. It has been an exciting journey serving exclusive cuisine from around the globe to celebrities, senior executives of renowned organisations and global Corporate giants.

The right ingredients to deliver superior quality

The best quality inventory & the flexibility to customise our services to the needs of the clients have made us the preferred choice of discerning customers. Today, our name is synonymous with exceptional quality. World-class chefs, aided by professional kitchen staff, operate our central kitchen, situated immediately behind one of Foodlink’s restaurants, Oasis in Chembur, Mumbai.

The Foodlink experience can also be savoured at international destinations like, Mauritius, Pattaya & Florence. Our chefs maintain impeccable quality in every aspect, from procurement, production to presentation.

The food we produce is renowned for its excellent quality, presented in a great atmosphere by our team of industry professionals - whether it’s for an intimate dinner for two or a marquee event for a thousand.

As much as we’re appreciated for our food, it is our people who fulfil our mission: to deliver a world-class dining experience where impeccable cuisine and faultless service are matched to perfection.

We have systems in place to ensure that they are fully trained to give superior service at all times and are knowledgeable about what they serve. Our staffs typify what is best in Indian hospitality: friendliness, lack of pretension, spontaneity and dedication.

It's all a part of our commitment to providing a quality product to each and every client.

Our vision is simple. Maintain and develop quality and integrity in the delivery of our service, whilst enhancing the experience of our clients.

Foodlink Catering was built on providing professional service, knowing the market and expectations of our clients - all of which have been the main drivers to our success.
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